Eiichi Momotani


Dr Eiichi Momotani (DVM, PhD), born 21 March 1953 (the same day as WDSD!), lives in Tsukuba, Japan. He is the Senior Researcher for the National Institute of Animal Health of Japan with a focus on immuno-pathology, molecular biology and proteomics.

He has been an Adjunct Professor in Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Hokkaido University, Japan as well as holding similar roles in Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences, and the University of Tokyo.

He serves as a delegate on Government committees, is an author and journal reviewer, and has received several awards for his work. He is the author of several professional articles, publications and 7 books on veterinary science. In detail, please check "Momotani" by PubMed.

After the birth of his daughter with Down syndrome in 1983, Eiichi started social work for people with Down syndrome, mainly organising supportive associations and research associations for people with Down syndrome and parents. He founded the Japan Down Syndrome Network (JDSN) in 1995 and the Study Group of Development of Disabled Children in Tsukuba, of which he became President in 1991.

He served as Secretary to the Down Syndrome Association in Hokkaido from 1983 to 1991 and as Director General to the Ibaraki Down Syndrome Association from 1991 to the present. He was the Asia-Pacific Down Syndrome Federation (APDSF) Vice President and coordinator.

He also founded Down Syndrome International Information Japan (DSIJ) with the purpose of providing an interface of Down syndrome information between Japan and the rest of the World.

Eiichi served on the organising Committee of the 8th World Down Syndrome Congress in Singapore and has been an Advisor to Down Syndrome International since 2004.

He has published a Japanese translation of the Support Handbook for Young adults with Down Syndrome (published from Akashi Shoten Co. Ltd, Japan, March 2008.)

His other publications include:

E. Momotani, "Network Support Systems" Down Syndrome Handbook (Y. Ikleda ed.) 166-170 (2005) (In Japanese).

M. Yamada, K. Ogawa, E. Momotani, "Adaptation and Evaluation of People with Down Syndrome in the Workplace", 2006, 9th World Down Syndrome Congress, Vancouver Canada, 22-26 August, 2006

E. Momotani, "Current status and future prospects of people with Down's Syndrome of after-school age in JAPAN", IASSID Congress, Taipei, 23-25 June, 2005

E. Momotani, "The environment of disabled children in Japan and the role of Japan Down Syndrome Network", 8th World Down Syndrome Congress, Singapore, 14-18 April, 2004

E. Momotani, J. Tatsumi-Miyajima, H. Takebe, Y. Kuroki and T. Hasegawa, "An Internet-based General Information Network System about Down Syndrome", by Japan Down Syndrome Network (JDSN), Congenital Anomalies, 37(3), 298,(1997).

Eiichi and his team were awarded "the Dentsu Advertising Award" in 2006 for the Posters for social enlightenment about people with Down syndrome and "the APA Encouragement Prize" for Photographs in 2007 for group posters featuring community awareness advertising on Down syndrome.